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I’m Only Sixteen

Chapter 1


Amy took in the scattered teens surrounding the building.


She caught sight of the familiar figures of Karma and Liam lounging on the grass, hands intertwined and laughter ringing in the air.


She clenched her eyes shut before opening them once again, brilliant green eyes sad but determined.


She nodded to the concern looks of Lauren before stalking off towards the new couple, ignoring the points and whispers and pitying looks.


As she passed the oblivious couple, they leaned in for a kiss, eyes gazing adoringly in each others, soft smiles pulling at lips.


And Amy does.

She uses her long legs to her advantage, sprinting to the haven that the school offers, passing Shane and Pablo; ignoring their calls. She flings the double doors open before continuing her run to the stairs that lead to the roof.

To her once safe haven, because when she gets there, she has the perfect view of Liam tickling Karma and Karma throwing her head back in laughter, looking adorable the only way Karma can.

Amy turns and throws up her breakfast of cereal and orange juice.

"I’m not getting better…" She says absently and uses the back of her hand to wipe her mouth. "I won’t be getting better." She confirms and presses her hand to her sluggishly beating heart despite her run. "I’m only sixteen…"


"Broken heart syndrome has been known to kill yes, but it’s not set in stone.” Dr. Conrad said. “There is a chance she can recover.”

Amy ignores her mothers sobs and Bruce’s calming words. She ignores Lauren’s muffled curses and Shane sad puppy eyes. Instead, she stares at the wall, eyes blank and unfocused.

"I’m only sixteen." She whispers, but it’s loud enough to quiet the room.


Amy ignores the sad stares that Shane throws her from the drivers side and only turns her head slightly to let him know she’s acknowledging his presence when he starts talking.

"Amy, maybe-maybe if you talk to—"

"It won’t do any good." She cuts him off. 

"But maybe if you—" He tries again, voice wet and frantic.

She turns away, tired and short of breath.

"I don’t have the strength to deal with it now. Soon." She promises, but the soon never happens.


Farrah wakes up to Lauren’s screams and rushes out of bed and to the source, only to start screaming herself, because Amy Raudenfeld, only sixteen, passed in her sleep of broken heart syndrome.


Karma’s confused and hurt and broken.

She’s watching the shell of her former best friend being lowered into the ground and no one will tell her how it got to this. Well, that was until Lauren waited for the last guest to leave. Until it was just the three broken family members and Shane and Karma and Liam.

"You! You have no right! You sat there and tortured her to climb to the top of the social ladder. She did everything she could for you, before she fell in love and after. She let you go on and on about Liam Booker this and Liam Booker that, all the while in pain and smiling because you were happy with the overnight fame." Lauren was spat, towering over Karma’s shocked form. "She confessed her feelings and you throw it in her face that you slept with him!

"You were with my daughter and you slept with a boy?" Farrah’s voice was small. "My baby girl, my world was in love with you and you slept with a boy? Amy, who treated you like you were her whole world, even since you were kids?”

"The best part," Lauren steps in, "is that it was a ruse for popularity. Karma came up with this to become popular, and low and behold, they became popular. But Amy suffered for wanting to help her best friend and she got the short end of the stick."

"She tried so hard to get over you, you know?" Shane cuts in, eyes red-rimmed. "Asked me to set her up, got a few numbers and dates; but she always blew them when she would always talk about you." He shook his head with a small teary laugh. "The girl was smitten and in lesbian with you, a Karmasexual if you will, because she certainly didn’t look at others like she looked at you."


Karma sat in front of the tombstone, her left hand tracing Amy’s name and birth date. Her lips pulled up into a sad smile.

"It’s been six months. Six of the longest months in my life." She took a deep breath and the breath rattled her lungs and ribs. "I miss you."

A warm breeze sweeps by, lifting strands of hair and making them dance. Karma smiles.

"It hurts knowing that I was the leading cause in your death. It hurts knowing that I hurt my best friend enough to do that. It hurts even more that you were in love with me and I just pushed you aside for Liam."

The breeze blows by again, this time gentle. A tear slides down Karma’s cheek.

"I left him. I know it was too late, but I left him. He was upset, but he said that he understood."

The air was still and Karma lets out a sudden, broken sob and lunges forward, clinging to the cold stone, desperately wishing it was her best friend alive and whole and warm.

"I love you so much!" She wailed. "I’m so sorry I realized it so late!" She draws in a desperate gasp of air. "I’m sorry Amy Raudenfeld! I’m so sorry!"

She’s found by Shane and Lauren, still clinging to the cold stone and sobbing and crying out apologies for a dead girl to hear.

"She was only sixteen…" Karma whispers into Shane’s neck as he carries her to the car, her voice heavy with exhaustion. "Only sixteen…" She falls silent and vivid images of blonde hair and bright green eyes and an awkward smile dance inside her eyelids as her best friend once again lives inside her dreams.

"I love you." Amy whispers. "I’m here." Amy assures. "I forgive you." Amy promises. And Amy grabs her and pulls her close and Karma revels in the feeling of warmth that surrounds her and she rests her head on Amy’s shoulder as they gently sway back and forth.

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